Thursday, March 29, 2012

Social Media Monitering Project

I think that Microsoft does advertise Xbox well, and the rest of its products. well. They use Facebook, and Twitter to their advantage, but I think improvements can be made. I have noticed that most of the things they post you really have to look for. You dont go onto their Facebook page and see something right away. It isn't right there in front of your face. Most of their links have no pictures associated, and the human eye is wired to see big bright colorful things first. So I would like to see Xbox and Microsoft better present what they are posting. Another goal I hope to see accomplished, is for them to use more than Facebook, , Twitter, and You tube. It was very difficult to find anything on cites like Ice Rocket. I would like to see them branch out to other social media networks. If they did this it would not only help themselves, but would help that social media network gain in popularity.

Links for screen shots that didn't load

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