Thursday, April 26, 2012

Social Media Final - A Facebook & social Media World

Using Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media  for businessmen is the best and cheapest way to advertise. It's FREE!!!!!! why not use t? The future of the ad industry is evolving. within the next 10 years i predict that there will be no more paper advertisements . Everything will be digital. no matter where you look on Facebook, or twitter today you see advertisements . imagine what it will be like next year? or two years from now? social media is becoming our society. 

sites like Twitter allow you to follow your friends and celebrities, and athletes. It is cool because it allows people to see what their favorite player, or movie star isup too. It is probably the closest one will ever get to meeting them. You can even follow fictional people with funny posts .
Tips for Being a successful Social Media User

. Don't post incriminating pictures or posts that could come back to haunt you one day
. Do  not put to much personal information out there.
. if you don't want people to know a lot about you you can sert your account to private.
. if run a business, or you are in the workplace, you can have a personal facebook, and a professional one. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Social Media Marketing Final - A Facebook World

If you walked into a room full of people and said raise your hand if you have a facebook, i guarantee almost everyone will raise their hand. The younger generation , our generation ,are almost addicted to Facebook. How many times have you been typing a paper or doing home work on your lap top, and your mind drifts off and you go onto facebook? It happens to me almost every time. Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerburg, and Eduardo Saverin two Harvard graduates. As all of you know Facebook was made so we could stay in contact with one another, poist pictures, and make angry statuses . People use Facebook in many different ways. For example there was a man in Texas who saw his daughter complain about doing chores, and insulting her parents on Facebook. Watch this video to see what happens!

Businesses also use Facebook to promote themselves, and their products. For example my client for my Social Media Monitoring Project  , Microsoft uses Facebook to its advantage.Xbox posts something almost everyday, whether it be advertising a game thart is coming out or a sweeptakes that is being offered. I follow the NFL and ESPN on my Facebook as well, and that is where i get most of my news regarding sports. I also follow the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox Celtics, and Bruins, my favorite teams. I always see them posting videos about most recent games, and promotions that the teams are involved in. Most recently, the Patriots have use Facebook tom post the link to their Proshop so you can purchase their new official NIKE jerseys.
A Video that I saw being posted all over Facebook before the Super Bowl this year was a funny parody song about Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. It is just another way that Gronk likes to promote himself through social media.

Facebook does a lot of businesses, and customers. Not only does it offer a chance for promotions  online, buyt it offers a chance for 1 on 1 interaction. An example of this would be from my Monitoring project. Xbox does a wonderful job of asking gamers for feedback on their games , and people do respond. They will post a trailer for a game and ask what do you think? From what I have noticed it has seemed to work. Another prime example would be how xbox wasn't making a lot of Kinnect games , and people started complaining about it. Customers posted ideas on Facebook, and now Xbox is starting to puit a focus on their Kinnect games. So through Facebook Xbox is keeping the customers satisfied.
Celebrities, athletes, and the music industry have taken over Facebook as well. You can choose to like certain celebrity or music group, and you can follow their posts, and stay connected. Following your favorite music group, or artist is cool because they post their newest songs and videos on Facebook so you can see them. I follow Eminem on Facebook, and he always posts videos of how his tours are going. You can see all the behind the scenes stuff, and see where he is in the country. 

News affiliates such as CNN also use Facebook to post news so people may get it as quick as possible. I was on Facebook this morning and saw an interview with CNN where secretary of State Hillary Clinton   said she would not run for vice president with President Obama if he asked here. This story had been floating around for a while, and she shot it down in that interview.