Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blog 2; Groundswell Chapters 1-4

I have been reading the book groundswell by Charlene Li, and Josh Bernoff. The four chapters I will be covering are
Chapter1-Why the groundswell, and why now?
Chapter 2- jujitsu and the technologies of the groundswell
Chapter 3- the social technographics profile
Chapter 4- strategies for tapping the groundswell

For those of you who don't know about the groundswell, it is a "social thread in which people use technologies to get things they need from each other ,rather than from traditional institutions  like corporations" (pg.9). The internet is sparking this. The internet, is not just a luxury anymore, it is becoming a necessity. People are connecting with one another online from around the world. Corporations  in different countries conduct business online, over Skype, without even being in the same room.  Li, and Bernoff provide examples explaining how a companies image can be tarnished or hurt from something someone puts online , in an article, or a blog. This has been a gateway for people to better voice their opinions on topics, and to protest on issues, and let the whole world see at an instance. This has also allowed PR companies to better communicate with the people.

Technologies are constantly changing and being upgraded. so practitioners need to be aware of these changes, and learn to adapt to them to keep up with our ever changing world. It isn't just learning about these new technologies, that is challenging. The challenge is to meet your goals for not only your business, but your customers  in a manageable smart mannor.

Ways to group groundswells users

We have the creators, people who create and publish an online article once a month. We have the Critics, those who react to the online content. The Collectors, save URL's and bookmarks ., Joiners, participate and join in on social networking sites. Spectatators, consume what the rest produce, and the Inactive don't participate. I read an interesting quote on pg. 45 stating " The real power in the Social Technographics Profile, is this; with it we can understand how social technographics  are being adopted by any group of people". Understanding this is key to targeting the public.

There are 5 objectives that a company  can persue in the groundswell.
1. Listening- use the groundswell for research, and better understand your customers.
2. Talking- use groundswell to spread messages about your company.
3. Energizing- Find your most enthusiastic customers, and use the groundswell to supercharge their word or mouth.
4. Supporting- setting up groundswell will allow your customers to supprt one another
5. Embracing- use groundswell to interview your customers, so they can help you better design your product.