Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Groundswell Chapters 5&6 Reading Reflection #1

For this weeks assignment we read chapters five and six of the groundswell.The chapters were  Listening to the Groundswell and Talking with the Groundswell. While reading chapter 5 I read an interesting statement; your brand is what your customers say it is.  You will not have a successful business if you have unhappy customers. How does a business make their customers happy? They listen to what their customers want. 
"Most companies don't listen to their customers" .Usually that is the overall perspective of people but in fact that is wrong. As discussed during our class lecture, companies pay a large amount of money to listen to their consumers very carefully. On average, companies spend about $15 billion annually.
There are a few different listening strategies for businesses to use. There are many ways you can find out what consumers are saying about a brand or product . You can do this with blogging, and social media. The two main listening strategies for major companies would be to set up your own private community and begin to begin brand monitoring.
  Once again it is imperative that companies, and businesses listen to their customers. they need to do this so that they can better their product, and adapt to   changes. As a consumer I want to be asked how can they make my life better or what I think would make their product better. It builds a god relationship
Effective talking is another important business strategy that one must possess in order to become successful. Two of the main methods used that are discussed in the chapter are advertising and public relations. I believe advertising to be one of the most effective methods of communication there is.
  Advertising companies own us. Everywhere you look there are advertisements. Look down at your shoes, your sweatshirt or even your shorts .I guarantee you there  are advertisements all over you. You are a walking billboard.  Just look at all the major U.S cities. There billboards on  poles, cabs, buses, streets, windows, shops, stadiums you name it.  To get an ad during the Super Bowl you have to pay upwards of $3.5 million. The more it evolves the more advertising you will see on even more things.

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